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23" Shoe Horn with Sock Remover Vive

UNIQUE TRAVEL DESIGN Easily separating into two pieces, the long shoe horn is perfect for traveling     LONG 23” SHOE HORN Eliminating bending and twisting, the extra long shoe horn works with any shoe style or boot while standing or sitting down     COMFORTABLE OVAL GRIP Large oval handle provides an easy and secure grip for those with dexterity issues and allows it to be stored on a coat rack or storage hook     SMOOTH ROUNDED FINISH Each edge is gently rounded to prevent snags in socks and hosiery and support the heel of the shoe     INTEGRATED SOCK REMOVER A smooth hook allows socks and hosiery to be easily slid off of the foot without bending, tugging and twisting     DURABLE COMPOSITE Constructed with a strong composite material, the collapsible shoe horn is exceptionally durable
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: Assists individuals in putting on shoes while standing while minimizing bending and twisting Remove socks and hosiery without bending and twisting Dimensions: Length: 23” Length when detached: 13” Material: Composite material How to Separate for Storage or Travel: Using two fingers, press and hold the buttons on both sides of the shoehorn inward to release the lock Gently pull the shoe horn apart To reassemble the shoe horn, slide the pieces back together until the buttons audibly click in place Care Instructions: Wipe the shoehorn down with a damp cloth and mild detergent Dry immediately with a lint-free cloth What’s Included: Vive Folding Shoe Horn Lifetime Guarantee UPC: 818323025910 Product Number: LVA2007 Shipping Weight: 5.8 ounces
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