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InTENSity Series 1st Generation A/C Adapter

InTENSity Series 1st Generation A/C Adapter

SKU: DI0001X
The InTENSity Series A/C Adapter is the replacement power
cord for all 1st Generation InTENSity electrotherapy devices. It
is lightweight and portable, weighing less than a pound.
Power adapter for InTENSity 1st Generation devices (InTENSity Select Combo, IF Combo, Twin Stim III, Micro
Combo, 10 TENS, and 5000 Hybrid TENS; CareTec IV; and Twin Stim Plus 2nd and 3rd Edition)Input 100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz, 0.3 AOutput 9V at 800mALightweight and portableSold individually
To keep your InTENSity 1st Generation device working effectively, purchase the replacement A/C adapter.
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