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Pulse Oximeter Compatible with Smart Devices  Vive Precision

Pulse Oximeter Compatible with Smart Devices Vive Precision

SKU: DMD1046
GUARANTEED ACCURACY Individual testing ensures clinically accurate results on each device     PROVIDE SPO2 AND PULSE READINGS Accurately measures pulse rate and blood oxygen levels in seconds     SMART COMPATIBILITY Easily track and share data with the Vive Precision app available for iOS and Android devices     ONE-TOUCH OPERATION Simple to use and perfect for athletes and aviators of any age     MULTIDIRECTIONAL DISPLAY Vibrant OLED screen features brightness control levels for indoor/outdoor use and rotates for easy viewing at any angle     OUT OF THE BOX READY Included smart pulse oximeter, two AAA batteries, a protective storage case and a lanyard
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications FDA approved device Uses: Intended for spot-checking oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin and pulse rate SPO2: Measurement range: 35%-100% Resolution: 1% Pulse Rate: Measurement range: 25 BPM - 250 BPM Resolution: 1 BPM Dimensions: Length: 2.36” Width: 1.26” Height: 1.46” Power: Requires two AAA alkaline batteries Up to 30 hours of use per two batteries Low battery indication Display: Includes SPO2, pulse rate, plethysmogram of SPO2, perfusion index, battery indicator, bluetooth connectivity and a bar graph of pulse strength Once the unit is active, use the power button to toggle between display modes (four total) Operating Instructions: Use the clamp to open oximeter and fully insert finger before releasing it Press the power on button on the front panel Remain still while measurements are calculated Collect the SPO2 and pulse rate data from the display screen View historical data by using the Vive Precision app available for both iOS and Android devices What’s Included: Vive Precision Pulse Oximeter Two AAA batteries Protective storage case Lanyard 60 day guarantee UPC:818323029246 Product Number: DMD1046 Shipping Weight: 0.22 pounds User Manual: Smart Pulse Oximeter
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