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Suction Grab Bar  Vive

Suction Grab Bar Vive

Suction Grab Bar  Vive
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: For assisting with balance and stability in the bathtub or shower Materials: Composite frame Rubber grip liner Rubber suction cups Sizes: 11.5” grab bar 16” grab bar How to Install:   Prepare surface by thoroughly cleaning and drying the area Position suction cups bases in the desired location Avoid grout lines for secure installation Press down firmly while securing the locking latches Ensure the color indicator is green on both ends before using What’s Included: Suction grab bar 60 day guarantee UPC: 818323025125 (11.5" Suction Grab Bar); 028841241710 (16" Suction Grab Bar) Product Number: LVA1028SV2 (11.5" Suction Grab Bar); LVA1028L (16" Suction Grab Bar) Shipping Weight: 1 lb User Manual: Suction Grab Bar
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