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Suction Setup Kit

Suction Setup Kit

SKU: KIT-019
The Suction Setup Kit allows users to conveniently replace
all necessary parts in their suction machine at once. It includes a yankauer
with bulb tip and control vent, replacement elbow, bacteria filter, 800ml reusable
collection jar, 6' tubing and 14" vinyl tubing.
Each item in the kit can also be purchased separately if
Bulb-tip Yankauer - #DYND50132Elbow - #ROS-610EBacteria Filter - #ILB-38Collection Jar - #1160B-16' Tubing - #DYND5021614" Tubing - #196472-14
To keep your portable suction machine performing optimally, replace its parts regularly and easily with the Roscoe Suction Kit.
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