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Independent Life Medical Supply offers a complete line of walkers, ambulatory aids, knee walkers, and ambulatory supplies. The basic products in this category consist of: single ended canes, Quad canes, aluminum adjustable underarm and forearm crutches, standard two wheel folding walkers and four wheel walkers with hand brakes and seats.

Quad Canes

The four point base provides additional stability compared to traditional single point canes. The small base is ideal for active users who need additional assistance when climbing stairs. The triangular padded hand grip is ergonomically designed for comfort and to reduce stress that may be experienced by the user's hand.



A crutch is a mobility aid that transfers weight from the legs to the upper body. It is often used for people who cannot use their legs to support their weight, for reasons ranging from short-term injuries to lifelong disabilities. A crutch also transmits loads to the ground through a shaft, but has two points of contact with the arm, at the hand and either below the elbow or below the armpit. This allows significantly greater loads to be exerted through a crutch in comparison with a cane.

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Single End Canes

Canes can help redistribute weight from a lower leg that is weak or painful, improve stability by increasing the base of support, and provide tactile information about the ground to improve balance. In contrast to crutches, canes are generally lighter, but, because they transfer the load through the user's unsupported wrist, are unable to offload equal loads from the legs.

Specialty Walkers

For those experiencing pain or discomfort following foot surgery, breaks, sprains or ulcers, our specialty walkers are a simple, comfortable, durable, and pain-free crutch alternative.

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The Four Wheel rollator is perfect for people looking for a easy to use walking aid. The backrest can be folded up and down but can also be removed for easier transport. The rollator comes with a basket to store various personal belongings during the user's travels.




A walker (also known as a Zimmer frame) is the most stable walking aid and consists of a freestanding metal framework with three or more points of contact which the user places in front of them and then grips during movement. The points of contact may be either fixed rubber ferrules as with crutches and canes, or wheels, or a combination of both. Wheeled walkers are also known as rollators.

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