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Incontinence supplies assist you in managing your involuntary bowel and bladder functions. These products include adult tape tab diapers/briefs, adult pull-ups, pads and under pads/chux. Bladder control problems are very common, especially among older adults. That is why it is important to get the proper incontinence supplies to manage your patients' needs. We have a diverse supply of underwear, disposable pads, disposable garments, underpads and much more. Whatever your incontinence needs are, Independent Life Medical Supplies is here to help. Your insurance allows funding for incontinence supplies with strict coverage guidelines with diagnosis requirements and quantity limits.

Briefs & Diapers

Choosing an adult diaper is as simple as choosing your needed level of absorption, choosing the type of wicking you need, choosing your backsheet material and choosing the correct size. Absorption is an important factor for most people. There are those who simply want volume to absorb heavy leakage, while others who want the briefs trim, yet still quite absorbent. Another important factor is whether you are using the product for urinary or fecal incontinence. Many of the tab-style diapers will work for bowel incontinence, but the Nu-Fit Adult Briefs are designed specifically for trapping fecal leakage due to an advanced zoning system.

Bladder Control Pads

Bladder Control pads are slim, full-length pads that are inserted into regular underwear and that can be used for light, moderate or heavy urinary leakage. Bladder Control Pads come in many different absorption levels and are available in different styles for both men and women. Most bladder control pads fit comfortably beneath brief-style underwear and/or pant-style incontinence underwear and attach securely to underwear via an adhesive strip, ensuring that the liner stays securely in place all day long.

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Underwear & Pants

Protective underwear includes disposable pull-ups and reusable briefs, often featuring tear-away sides that allow for easy removal, as well as a high degree of leak protection. When choosing protective underwear it is important to consider different components such as absorbency, material, moisture wicking and size. Undergarments are a good compromise between an Incontinence Pad and a Brief. If you are looking for a discreet, comfortable protection option, protective underwear is a great choice for you.





Choosing an underpad doesn't need to be complicated. Simply choose your desired absorption, back sheet material and size. Disposable underpads are found in just about any health clinic, hospital, or hospice home and come in various sizes, absorbencies and capacities to meet patient needs and finances. When selecting a reusable or disposable underpad, it is essential to analyze the particular elements of each bed pad: recyclability, absorbency, materials and size.

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Liners & Pads

A liner pad is a lightweight absorbent piece of material with an adhesive backing that can be placed directly on the underwear. Ideal for light urinary leakage, liner pads come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, although most of them are capable of light to moderate absorbency. Depending on how much urinary leakage you experience, you may want to choose a liner pad with a higher level of polymer absorbency. If you lead an active lifestyle, a liner pad shaped for an active lifestyle may be the ideal choice for you.




Skin Care

Incontinence cleansers are used to both clean and condition the skin. Skin cleansers are important treating those with incontinence to prevent sores and infection from setting in. For caregivers or individuals with incontinence, skin cleansers are a must for daily use in maintaining proper skin protection and health. Diaper rash skin care products include ointments, antimicrobial creams, skin barrier ointments, lubricating jelly, antifungal barriers, perineal lotion, moisturizing lotion, body powder and skin pastes. These skin care products help babies and adults with incontinence keep their skin clean and healthy.

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