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Diagnostic medical equipment and supplies help to measure and observe various aspects of a patient's health. Having these devices readily available at home to help with your daily needs, we have a great and affordable line of otoscopes, stethoscopes, blood pressure products, Sphygmomanometers, weight scales, cholesterol tests, surgical instruments and more. We offer great discounts on volume orders, so please don't hesitate to call. Let us keep your facility up to date with the newest medical supplies.


Stethoscopes are probably the most recognizable of all medical diagnostic tools. They are used to listen to heart sounds, the lungs and even blood flow in the arteries and veins. Stethoscopes help diagnose Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Heart palpitations, Heart disease, Arrhythmia, Heart valve issues. Stethoscopes are also used along with a sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure. Electronic Stethoscopes improve sound quality when listening to the low-pitched heart sounds and the high-pitched pulmonary sounds.



Thermometers are used in all areas and levels of care, from routine physical exams, to emergency department triage, to inpatient care. There are now electronic thermometers that shorten the time necessary to measure a patient's temperature. The electronic ones can be set for the specific part of the body being measured, such as the mouth, under the armpit, rectally, or the ear.

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Blood Pressure

Home monitoring is a cheap and simple alternative to ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, although it does not usually allow assessment of blood pressure during sleep which may be a disadvantage. Home monitoring may be used to improve hypertension management and to monitor the effects of lifestyle changes and medication related to blood pressure. When measuring blood pressure in the home, an accurate reading requires that one not drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, or engage in strenuous exercise for 30 minutes before taking the reading.


Fine motor skills can be assessed with standardized and non-standardized tests in children and adults. Fine-motor assessments can include force matching tasks. Humans exhibit a high degree of accuracy in force matching tasks where an individual is instructed to match a reference force applied to a finger with the same or different finger. Humans also exhibit a high degree of accuracy during grip force matching tasks. These aspects of manual dexterity are apparent in the ability of humans to effectively use tools.

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Pulse Ox

Pulse oximetry is a noninvasive method for monitoring a person's oxygen saturation (SO2). Its reading of SpO2 (peripheral oxygen saturation) is not always identical to the reading of SaO2 (arterial oxygen saturation) from arterial blood gas analysis, but the two are reliably enough correlated that the safe, convenient, noninvasive, inexpensive pulse oximetry method is valuable for measuring oxygen saturation in clinical use.





We offer a wide variety of emerging diagnostic equipment and supplies that address more and more medical ailments and aid in earlier diagnosis and prevention of disease. The right equipment can bring significant benefits to your practice. You'll increase the number of treatment options you can offer your patients while your practice achieves increased revenues and greater patient satisfaction.

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