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Daily Aids

You gain access to a wide-ranging product line of Aids for Daily Living (ADL) from Independent Life Medical Supplies. Common items include reach assists, dressing aids, pill boxes, eating aids, and more. Minimum order amounts, which must be paid in full before shipping, apply. Many ADLs are also non-returnable, because the item may have been used. Some Aids to Daily Living can only be returned if unused and in the original, unopened packaging. Special-order ADLs, however, are always non returnable.


Hand limitations like arthritis can make tasks painful if not impossible to perform. No pain is your gain! Jar openers, long handled scrub brushes, key turners, doorknob extenders and other handy gadgets that provide extra leverage and built-up handles, make it easier to perform daily household activities.



Extend your reach by one foot or more and see how easily you can retrieve far away objects without bending, stretching or straining. Provide a tight grip on even the smallest items. They can pick up small flat items such as dimes or bulky items such as newspapers, clothing or cans. A magnet on the tip helps pick up small steel parts and a short post at the end can be used as a dressing aid. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit the hand.

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Products and equipment designed to help persons with speech disabilities or writing difficulties to communicate. At its very simplest, augmentative communication can be a page with picture choices or alphabet letters that a person points to. It can also involve highly sophisticated speaking computers with on-screen communication boards and auditory or visual scanning.

Medication Assist

Never forget to take your medications again! Perhaps you take your medicine only occasionally, perhaps you never filled your last prescription; perhaps you never took it at all.  Not having a prescription filled, Taking an incorrect dose - too much or too little, Taking the medication at the wrong time, Forgetting to take one or more doses, Stopping the medication too soon

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Personal Care

Difficulty manipulating zippers, tying shoes or securing buttons? Simple solutions help you get it done faster, easier, independently! Toileting aids, shampoo trays, long handled lotion applicators and sponges make personal grooming tasks simpler for everyone. For the hands and feet. Adaptive products make it easy to maintain finger and toe nails.

Reading/ Writing

If you are experiencing reduced hand or finger dexterity or have reduced grasping power our adaptive writing instruments provide extra leverage and promote proper alignment to reduce strain. For many of us as we get older reading fine print becomes more difficult. Our selection of magnifiers helps reduce eye strain by enlarging print up to 4x it's original size.

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