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3-Loop Hammer Toe Splint  ViveSole

3-Loop Hammer Toe Splint ViveSole

SUPPORTS AND STRAIGHTEN TOES Gently realign and cushion problem toes to reduce pain, friction and irritation     HAMMERTOE RELIEF Effectively relieves discomfort due to hammered, claw, curling, mallet and overlapping toes     WEAR WITH ANY SHOE Contoured, low-profile toe splints comfortably fit in any shoe style including heels and boots     FLEXIBLE TOE LOOPS Soft, flexible toe loops gently stretch to fit most toe sizes     SOFT AND STRONG Made with a soft, latex-free material that will not flatten out over time     INCLUDES TWO PAIRS Easy to clean for comfortable, daily use, the set includes two pairs of hammer toe splints
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: For cushioning, separating and straightening problem toes to reduce pain caused by hammered, claw curling, mallet or hammertoes Dimensions: Length: 2.9” Width: .88” Materials: Latex-free composite material Care Instructions: Hand wash the hammer toe splints in cool water with a mild soap Air dry completely before use or storage What’s Included: ViveSole 3-loop Hammer Toe Splints- Two pairs 60 day guarantee UPC: 810041981851 Product Number: INS1044WHT Shipping Weight: 0.13 pounds
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