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38" x 15" Bath Mat Vive

EXTRA LARGE BATHTUB MAT Sized to provide complete coverage, the XL mat measures 38” by 15”     NON-SLIP DESIGN The long bathtub mat is dotted with multiple drainage holes in two sizes to prevent water from pooling     LIGHTLY TEXTURED SURFACE Featuring a lightly textured surface to provide traction, the rectangle bath mat prevents hazardous slips and falls in slippery showers and tubs     200 SUCTION CUPS A strong, 200 suction cup base ensures the bathmat stays firmly in place when installed on a smooth, dry surface     ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL Latex-free, the durable pvc bath mat is antimicrobial to resist mold and mildew     MACHINE WASHABLE Easy to clean, the extra long bathtub mat is machine washable
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: Provides greater stability and traction while bathing or showering Materials: PVC Latex-free Dimensions: Length: 38” Width: 15” Colors: Clear Blue How To Install: Clean the surface of the bathtub or shower to remove dirt and soap buildup Rinse the surface thoroughly and dry completely with a lint-free cloth Position the XL bathtub mat on the bathtub floor and press gently to engage all of the suction cups Care Instructions: Machine wash in cold water with a mild detergent Air dry What's Included: XL Bathtub Mat Lifetime guarantee UPC: 818323024845 (Clear); 818323024838 (Blue) Product Number: LVA1097CLR (Clear) ; LVA1097BLU (Blue) Shipping Weight: 1.81 pounds (Clear); 1.82 pounds (Blue)
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