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Adult Bibs  Vive

Adult Bibs Vive

LARGE ADULT BIB Each bib is generously sized at 18” wide and 30” long for optimal coverage    SUPER ABSORBENT MATERIAL Keeping mealtimes neat, the terry cloth bibs are super absorbent protecting clothing from spills and splashes    WATERPROOF LINER Each bib is backed with a waterproof lining to ensure liquids do not soak through to scald or stain clothing    OPTIONAL CRUMB CATCHER POUCH Minimizing the mess left on the floor, the bibs include small fasteners used to create a crumb catcher pouch    ADJUSTABLE NECK STRAP Accommodating most neck sizes, the fastening strap makes the bib easy to put on and take off while keeping the lightweight bib securely in place without shifting and sliding to reduce irritation    MACHINE WASHABLE Designed for quick and easy cleanup, the bibs are machine washable
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: For protection from spills, stains, splashes and scaldings Dimensions: Width: 18” Length: 30” Adjustable neck strap: 3” Material: 100% terry cloth Color: Light blue Care Instructions: Machine wash with mild detergent and tumble dry low Do not bleach What’s Included: 2-Pack or 6-Pack Vive adult bibs 60 day guarantee UPC: 818323023060(Package of 2); 818323023077(Package of 6) Product Number: LVA1084PAK2 (Package of 2); LVA1084PAK6 (Package of 6) Shipping Weight:12 ounces
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