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AIRgel Full Face Replacement Cushion, Medium

SKU: 50208
Sleepnet's Ascend CPAP Mask Series features advanced cushion technology with the replaceable AIRgel cushion. For added convenience, patients can replace the cushion without having to replace the whole mask. The patented AIRgel provides maximum comfort and minimum weight helping to reduce pressure points and skin irritation for better patient compliance. The flexible spacebar has a unique bendable design that provides the patient with superior stability without contacting the skin.
Detachable cushion allows you to replace your cushion without replacing your entire mask. 
Flexible spacebar is designed to provide superior stability without contacting the skin
Active headgear connector moves when the patient moves to help maintain an effective seal 
Available in three sizes (small, medium and large) with simple and breathable quick-release EZFit headgear 
360-degree Rotating Swivel for optimal tube positioning and easier mobility 
Patented AIRgel with an ergonomic design and luxurious feel reduces pressure while maintaining an effective seal 
Available in your choice of Full Face or Nasal Mask
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