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Bidet Vive

EFFORTLESSLY CLEAN Ideal for any bathroom, the bidet makes improving personal hygiene effortless and comfortable     ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Effectively reduces paper waste by providing a thorough cleaning after using the bathroom     SELF-CLEANING NOZZLES Retractable, self-cleaning nozzles provide a moderate posterior cleansing or a gentle, feminine cleansing     VARIABLE WATER SPRAY Easily adjust the intensity of the spray with the bidet control knob for personal comfort     HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION Includes all necessary hardware, plumbers tape and illustrated directions for easy installation     SLIM DESIGN Easy to clean, the slim bidet is durably constructed with a sleek modern appearance to blend with any bathroom decor
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: For easy, thorough personal cleansing Dimensions: Bidet: 16.5” by 5” Thickness: 0.24” Bidet controller: 2.75” Water inlet valve: 7/8" Materials: Stainless steel Brass Zinc alloy Ceramic Chrome Composite Care Instructions: Wipe down the bidet with a standard household disinfectant What’s Included: Vive Bidet T-valve Stainless steel supply hose Two adjustable plates Threaded seal tape Rubber seals Plumbers thread tape Four toilet seat spacer Illustrated manual One year guarantee UPC: 810041982117 Product Number: LVA2049WHT Shipping Weight: 1.41 pounds
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