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Body Brush Set Vive

SKU: LVA2013
EXFOLIATE AND REJUVENATE YOUR SKIN Creating an at-home spa experience, the body brush set works to exfoliate and cleanse the skin, removing dead skin cells, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage     INTERCHANGEABLE BRUSH HEADS This set includes one coarse 100% natural boar bristle brush head for rough skin and one soft nylon bristle brush for cleansing any skin type     EXTRA SOFT FACIAL BRUSH Circular brush head has extra soft boar bristles and is perfect for gentle exfoliation of the face, neck and delicate skin     EXTENDED REACH 14” HANDLE Easily cleanse hard to reach areas without bending and twisting, including the soles of the feet and between the shoulder blades     NON-SLIP TEXTURED GRIP Providing a secure grip in the shower, the handle includes a textured grip sleeve and a cord loop that easily slips on the wrist or on a hook for convenient storage     WATERPROOF FINISH Coated with a clear waterproof layer, the durable lotus wood handle is resistant to mold and mildew and will not split or crack
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: Exfoliates and cleanses skin Improves circulation and lymphatic drainage Promotes optimal skin health Dimensions: Handle length: 14” long Handle width: 1.25” Brush head length: 5” Brush head width: 3” Carry bag: 18” long For the Facial Brush: Handle length: 5.7” Brush head diameter: 1.35” Materials: Lotus wood handle Boar bristles Soft nylon bristles Composite grip Cord loop Elastic hand straps Fabric carry bag Care Instructions: Shake off excess water and clean with a dry cloth Hang to dry in a well ventilated area. What’s Included: Coarse Body Brush Soft Body Brush Lotus Wood Handle Soft Facial Brush Carry bag 60 Day Guarantee UPC: 818323027341 Product Number: LVA2013 Shipping Weight: 10.1 ounces Quick Start: Body Brush Set
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