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Chair Incontinence Pads Vive

PROTECT EVERY SEAT Protects chairs, wheelchairs, sofa cushions, recliners and car seats from incontinence, spills and pet accidents     SOFT CHAIR PAD Made with soft, absorbent polyester materials for comfortable, quiet seating     ABSORBENT LAYERS Constructed with super absorbent, interior layers to hold up to two cups of liquid     WATERPROOF AND LEAKPROOF Base layer is waterproof providing added protection against leaks and stains     MACHINE WASHABLE Reusable chair pad is easy to clean for greater convenience     NON-SLIP DESIGN The chair pad base is designed to stay in place without slipping or sliding
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: For protecting seats from incontinence, spills and pet accidents For elderly, young children, pets Dimensions: 22.25” by 21.25” Colors: Brown Gray Material: Top layer: 100% polyester velvet Second layer: 100% polyester wadding Third layer: 65% polyester/ 35% rayon soaker Base layer: Waterproof polyester Care Instructions: Machine wash the chair pad in cold water with like colors Tumble dry low Do not bleach What’s Included: Sures Chair Incontinence Pad 60 day guarantee UPC:810041981479 (Gray); 810041981462(Brown) Product Number: LVA2040GRY (Gray);LVA2040BRN (Brown) Shipping Weight:0.62 pounds
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