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CPAPHolders provides a convenient, safe and easily accessible way to enjoy the CPAP machine without sacrificing valuable space on patient's night stand. With the machine resting close to the patient's head it provides optimum hose length and freedom movement, minimizing potential for pulling the machine off the night stand.
Saves space on the night stand
Fits between the mattress and box spring, keeping the CPAP machine out of harms way
Machine is held in place by a Velcroᆴ strap
Having machine close to patient's head allows freedom of movement and minimizes potential for pulling machine off night stand
Elevates machine off the floor to keep machine from attracting impurities, such as carpet fiber and dust
CPAPHolders fits 99% of all CPAP machines on the market today
8" x 12" polymer tray for CPAP machine
Limited Assembly Required - Assembles within minutes
Made in the USA
Great cash sale and drop ship item!
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