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Heating Pad  Vive

Heating Pad Vive

Heating Pad  Vive
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: To provide targeted heat therapy for temporary relief of muscle and joint aches and pains Dimensions: Standard: 12” x 15” Large: 12” x 24” Materials: Cover: Microplush Heating pad: PVC Heating pad: Plastic Bag: Cotton Power Needs: 120V / 50Hz / 50W Color: Light gray Cleaning Instructions: Removable cover is machine washable Hang to dry the cover Do not submerge heating pad in water Do not dry clean Use Instructions: The cord and controller should stay outside the cover Do not use while sleeping Do not use on infants or animals Do not use without the cover in place Children should not use Do not use with ointments Do not sit or lie on the pad. Place the pad on top of affected body part What’s included: Heating pad Cotton storage and travel bag 2 year guarantee UPC: Standard: 818323020496 Large: 818323020502 Product Number: LVA1060 Shipping Weight: Standard: 1.3 pounds Large: 1.8 pounds User Manual:  Heating Pad
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