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Infrared Thermometer  Vive

Infrared Thermometer Vive

INSTANT ACCURATE RESULTS Tested for accuracy, the non contact thermometer uses advanced infrared technology to provide quick readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit     TOUCH-FREE TEMPERATURE CHECKS Non contact design eliminates the risk of cross-contamination     SLIM DESIGN Ideal for quick temperature checks at home or on the go     VISIBLE FEVER ALERTS Features an audible fever alert and a color-changing fever indicator on the bright, backlit display screen     STORES UP TO 30 READINGS Recalls the last 30 readings for easily tracking body temperatures     OUT OF THE BOX READY Includes the infrared thermometer and two AAA batteries
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: For detecting an accurate body or object temperature via the forehead Measurement Range: Forehead Celsius: 32 - 42.9 Forehead Fahrenheit: 89.6 - 109.3 Object Celsius: 0 - 100 Object Fahrenheit: 32 - 212 Display: Digital backlit display Fahrenheit or Celsius Object or human mode Low battery indicator Color Indicator: Green: less than 37.5 C or 99.5 F Red: greater than 37.9 C or 100.2 F Power: Requires two AAA batteries Memory Function: Stores the last 30 measurements for easy temperature tracking. With the thermometer powered off, press and release the M2 button to enter memory mode The display with flash “M” Use the M2 button to scroll through the stored readings Battery Replacement: Replace the batteries when the low battery icon is displayed Slide the battery cover down Remove the existing batteries and replace with two new AAA batteries Slide the battery cover back on Care Instructions: Store the infrared thermometer in a dry location free from dust, moisture and direct sunlight Using a soft cloth dampened with a disinfectant (e.g. 75% isopropyl alcohol solution) and wipe clean Dry immediately Do not immerse in water What's Included: Vive Precision Non Contact Infrared thermometer Two (2) AAA batteries One year guarantee UPC: 810041982421 Product Number: DMD1054WHT Shipping Weight: 0.16 pounds User Manual: Infrared Thermometer
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