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Knee/Shoulder Moist Heat Pack

Knee/Shoulder Moist Heat Pack

SKU: HP1020
Therapeutic moist heat therapy provides deeper penetration to muscle tissue, allowing temporary relief of pain due to sprains, muscle strains, back pain, bursitis, arthritis and more. Moist heat has also been established to increase tissue temperature at a faster rate than dry heat, causing increased circulation and promoting quicker recovery time. With a full range of sizes and covers available, TheraMED Professional hot packs work with most heating units on the market today and will address all your clinic needs.
Clay-filled packs provide up to 30 minutes of therapeutic relief
Red and white tabs visually assist for easy rotation
Seven sizes available to provide therapy to nearly any body part
Terry covers available in a variety of sizes (see reverse for details)
Great for clinical or at-home use
One Year Warranty
  • Tech Specs

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