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Lead Electrodes (2" x 2") - 10 Sets of 4 Vive

SAFE REPLACEMENT PADS Continue pain-relieving treatments with FDA approved replacement electrode pads    UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY Pigtail 2mm stud or snap connector is compatible with most TENS, EMS and muscle stimulation devices    PREGELLED AND SELF ADHESIVE Pregelled with a conductive hydrogel, the pads easily secure to the skin without leaving a sticky residue following each treatment    FLEXIBLE SQUARE PADS Square electrode pads are constructed with a non-woven cloth backing that is flexible for optimal placement    LATEX FREE Latex-free and PVC-free, the non-irritating electrode pads are safe for all skin types    REUSABLE 10 SETS OF 4 Each set of four includes a protective liner in the resealable pouch for safe storage
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: Replacement electrode pads for TENS, EMS and muscle stimulation devices Dimensions: 1.97” by 1.97” Materials: Non-woven cloth backing Conductive carbon film (Low impedance) Conductive hydro gel Lead wire with 2mm DIN size or snap connector How To Use: Read the device user manual thoroughly before use. Skin must always be clean, dry and free from lotion or powders. Attach lead wires to electrodes before applying to skin. Remove the protective backing from the electrode. Save for future use. Apply the electrode to skin, center first, then smooth down the edges. Attached the lead wires to the device and turn it on. Adjust the settings according to treatment plan. Do not exceed intensity of .1 Watt/cm2. When treatment is complete, turn the device off. Lift the electrode at the edges and peel to remove from skin. Care Instructions: Replace the saved backing on the sticky side of the electrode. Disconnect the device from the lead wires and electrode. Store the electrode in the original packaging. Keep electrodes away from direct sunlight. If the electrode loses adhesion properties, gently rub one or two drops of water onto the gel surface to reactivate the adhesion. If that does not work, discard the electrode. Discard the electrode in the original packaging after 20-25 uses. What’s Included: 10 sets of 4 Replacement electrode pads with lead connectors 60 day guarantee UPC: 818323021219 Product Number: RHB1033PIN Shipping Weight: 11.2 ounces User Manual: Lead Electrodes (2" x 2") - 10 Sets of 4
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