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LED Folding Cane Vive

STABILIZING MOBILITY SUPPORT Provides greater security and stability on both indoor and outdoor surfaces     ILLUMINATE ANY LOW LIGHT SETTING The cane handle features a movable LED light to safely navigate dark parking lots, driveways and other low light areas     SELF STANDING QUAD BASE Freestanding for greater convenience, the quad cane base also pivots to provide additional traction on uneven surfaces     LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM CANE Constructed with durable anodized aluminum to safely support up to 250 pounds     CUSTOMIZABLE HEIGHT Securely locking in place, the folding cane easily adjusts from 33” to 38” for personal comfort and optimal support     CONVENIENT FOR TRAVEL The LED cane easily folds and includes a secure storage clasp and a nylon travel bag
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications WARNING: The folding cane supports up to 250 pounds. Uses: Provides support and stability for those with mobility issues Bright LED light illuminates low-light areas for safer navigation Easily folds for travel and storage Dimensions: Height: adjustable at 1” increments ranging from 33”-38” Weight: 0.9 pounds Quad tip: 3.75” in diameter Materials: Anodized aluminum Latex-free rubber tip and hand grip Integrated LED light Nylon bag Quick Start: Remove the white plastic protector from the locking latch Slide the black plastic storage clip down and over the latch Hold the handle and release the folded sections. The cane will snap into place Adjusting Height Instructions: Loosen the locking ring Using the push-pin lock, push or pull the cane to the desired height Tighten the locking ring to secure cane height To insert the batteries: Twist the battery cover counterclockwise to open Insert the batteries (included), then replace the battery cover Twist the battery cover clockwise to tighten What’s Included: LED folding cane 4 - LR44 batteries Secure storage clip Nylon travel bag Lifetime guarantee UPC: 818323021240 Product Number: MOB1017BLK Shipping Weight: 8 ounces
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