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Metal Shoe Horn Vive

MINIMIZES BENDING AND TWISTING Great for those with hip, knee or back pain, the long metal shoe horn allows anyone to put on any shoe while standing     EXTENDED REACH The long, stainless steel shoe horn works well for both men and women     USE WITH ANY SHOE Designed to easily slide in any shoe style or size, the metal shoe horn is gently curved     STAINLESS STEEL Built to last, the long shoe horn is constructed with a sleek stainless steel     GENUINE LEATHER GRIP The curved handle is wrapped in a classic brown leather sleeve for a comfortable grip and a stylish look     SMOOTH ROUNDED FINISH Each finished edge is gently rounded to prevent snags in sock and hosiery and scuffed shoes
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: For aiding in putting on or removing shoes Dimensions: Length: 16.50” and 31.5" Width: 1.5” Materials: Stainless steel Genuine leather How To Use: Slide the foot partial into the shoe Insert shoe horn at the back of the shoe Slide heel into the shoe and pull shoe horn out of the shoe What’s Included: Vive Long Metal Shoe Horn Lifetime guarantee UPC: 818323023800 (Single); 818323023817 (Two pack) Product Number: LVA1092PAK1 (16.5"); LVA2011SLV (31.5") Shipping Weight: 5 ounces (16.5"); 9.6 ounces (31.5")
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