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SKU: 70027L-TBL(NL)
Be reminded to take your medication and keep it conveniently
organized with the 7-Day Medication Tray. With seven daily pill boxes, each
with four compartments labeled for different times of the day, you can keep all
your medication for the week organized in one place.Seven daily pill boxes with four compartments
for each day, labeled morning, noon, evening, and bedEach day's set of boxes is removable and easily
transportable for those who are on-the-goCompartments are easy to open while still snapping
shut firmly Translucent blue boxes allow for easy
identificationCompartment lids include raised text and braille
for those who are visually impairedShipped using celloed packaging
Purchase your 7-Day Medication Tray to conveniently organize and be reminded of your daily medication routine.
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