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SKU: PM4150P
The Precision Medical EasyPulse PM4150 is an easy-to-use portable oxygen concentrator that makes oxygen therapy convenient. The internal battery grants users up to 4.7 hours of therapy, making this concentrator ideal for any lifestyle. At only 6.6 pounds, users can easily put the PM4150 over their shoulder for therapy on-the-go. And with a simplified control panel, individuals can do everything from monitor their battery life to change their oxygen settings all with the press of a button.
Forget the high recurring costs for oxygen deliveries and the headache of managing oxygen cylinders. Also, forget the maintenance required to regularly replace the sieve beds, as the EasyPulse PM4150 remedies all these issues.
Precision Medical is the only name when it comes to using Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) technology to ensure that sieve beds are regenerated every cycle. Clean sieve beds mean a delivery of high oxygen purity for a long time. On top of that, Controlled Minute Volume (CMV), therapeutic oxygen is delivered to patients in the first third of the inspiratory phase regardless of breath rate to offer maximum efficiency.
Flow SettingsThe Precision Medical PM4150 provides oxygen therapy in pulse doses. This means that oxygen is only delivered as the user inhales, providing extended battery and device life. The PM4150 portable oxygen concentrator provides five pulse dose settings, delivering oxygen from 240 to 780 mL/min. Pulse settings should not be changed unless cleared by your physician.
To change the pulse setting, simply press the numbered button that corresponds to the setting you want to change it to. Under each button is an LED. This will light up as the user takes a breath and oxygen is delivered. For best results, do not use oxygen tubing or a nasal cannula greater than 7 feet long.
Battery DurationThe internal battery for the PM4150 oxygen concentrator has a battery life of up to 4.7 hours at a pulse setting of 1. Combined with the optional external battery pack, the EasyPulse PM4150 can provide users with up to 9.4 hours of total battery life. The chart below provides a breakdown of the estimated battery life of the concentrator at each pulse setting.In the top-right corner of the display, an LED battery indicator allows users to monitor the remaining battery life of their concentrator. At a 15% charge, the battery icon turns red and the concentrator beeps once per minute. When the battery life drops down to 5% the beeps occur every 20 seconds, and the LED begins to flash. Once the device is connected to an external power source, the beeping will stop and the battery will begin to charge.
The PM4150 concentrator comes with both AC and DC power cords. Both will charge the internal battery while the device is plugged in.
Ease of AccessPrecision Medical EasyPulse portable oxygen concentratorメs control panel consists of only one button and a rotating knob that are easily visible and accessible. The button is used to turn on the device while the rotating knob is used to set the oxygen flow. Sophisticated controls mean the user will not have to memorize anything to use this device. The control panels have LEDs and a battery level indicator for easy troubleshooting.
Small Frame and LightweightOne of the lightest 5 Liter POCs available in the market, the PM4150 weighs only 6.8lbs with the internal battery. The dimensions of this device are 10.1in x 6.5in x 4.5in.
Easypulse POC with CMV TechnologyControlled Minute Volume (CMV) is Precision Medical's own patented oxygen conserving technology that delivers the same amount of oxygen during the first period of inhalation.
VersatileThe carry bag provided with the device makes this portable device versatile. The POC can be used inside or outside the carry bag. The bag adds protection from minor vibrations while the patient is moving and provides more quiet operation.
Easy MaintenanceWith only one filter, the PM4150's maintenance is very simple and easy.
Excellent Battery Life of EasyPulse Portable Oxygen ConcentratorThis 5 Liter POC can deliver pure oxygen for 3 hours straight at the setting of 2. An AC power adapter allows patients to use it without the battery as well as to charge the battery, and a DC power adapter allows patients to use it in their vehicles.
The Carrying Case will easily hold at least one additional battery, keeping you on the go for even longer! The DC cord allows you to plug into a vehicle while you are traveling, extending the battery duration even further.
Features and Benefits of EasyPulse POCLightweightProven qualityラexceeds medical device directive requirementsCMV technology automatically adjusts oxygen volume regardless of breath rateWhisper quiet operationLong battery lifeCompact and easily portableEasy-to-use rotary knob operation systemSimple battery level indicator and LED alarm systemAC charger and DC charger (for the car) includedFAA-approved for air travelSafety & TroubleshootingTo alert users that something is not working properly, the Precision Medical PM4150 portable oxygen concentrator comes with built-in alarms. These alarms include no breath detected, high operating temperature, fan malfunction, high breath rate, and device failure. Each alarm is indicated by a yellow or red LED and a series of beeps. To identify and troubleshoot an alarm, reference the user manual or contact our customer care team.
Green LED: Device is ready to useYellow LED: Medium priority, the user should handle immediately.
Red LED: High priority, the user should handle immediately.
Cleaning & MaintenanceOne of the benefits of the PM4150 is that it does not require much maintenance.
To clean the Precision Medical PM4150 portable oxygen concentrator, wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild soap. Wait for the unit to dry completely before using it. Make sure the device is not connected to power while cleaning.
The inlet filter is easily accessible from the rear of the concentrator. To clean it, pull the filter tab to remove it from the device. Thoroughly wash with soap and water. Do not place the filter back into the oxygen concentrator until it has dried completely.
Nasal cannulas and oxygen tubing should be replaced on a regular basis to avoid damage.
It is FAA-approved for use during commercial flights. Contact your airline prior to your trip to ensure you have all the necessary documentation and to review your airlineメs specific guidelines for traveling with oxygen.
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