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Reusable Remstar M-Series Foam Filter

Reusable Remstar M-Series Foam Filter

These Reusable Foam CPAP Filters are essential for your
device, as they filter the CPAP airflow of airborne particles and pollen. They
are comparable to Respironics #1035443 or #1063091 and can be used with a
variety of CPAP devices. ᅠ
Effectively filter airborne particles, dirt, and
pollen from your CPAP airflow to ensure clean airCan be reused multiple times before needing to
be replacedFit the Respironics with PR System One, Remstar
Plus C-Flex, Remstar Auto A-Flex, BiPap Pro Bi-Flex, BiPap Auto Bi-Flex,
Remstar Pro C-Flex, BiPap Pro Bi-Flex, SleepEasy with C-Flex and SleepEasyQuantity: 1 filter per pack
For cleaner and healthier CPAP therapy, purchase your Reusable Remstar M-Series Foam Filter.
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