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Reversible Wrist Brace Vive

WRIST STABILIZATION Hasten healing and prevent re-injury by supporting and protecting your wrist and palm in a comfortable brace    ADJUSTABLE COMPRESSION THERAPY Relieve pain and swelling from arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, surgery, sprains and strains    WEAR ON EITHER HAND Reversible design adjusts to fit both the right and left hand and most hand sizes    ALUMINUM AND PLASTIC SPLINTS Three removable splints provide extra support to increase comfort and stability    SOFT NEOPRENE Breathable neoprene blend will keep your skin comfortable and cool all day    STRONG HOOK AND LOOP STRAPS Extra secure fastening straps ensure the brace will not slip or twist while wearing
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: Stabilizing a weak or injured wrist to promote healing or reduce risk of re-injury Relieving pain and inflammation from arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, sprains and strains Size: Universal size - one size fits most Fits both right and left hands Dimensions: Splint length: 6.5” Splint width: 3.75” Thumb hole opening: 35mm in diameter Aluminum splint thickness: 2mm Plastic splint thickness: 1mm Materials: 40% Nylon / 40% Neoprene / 10% PP / 10% Spandex Extra-strength fastening material Aluminum Plastic How to Insert Splints: Insert the aluminum splints into the pocket next to the rings so that the angle will contour to the palm of the affected hand. Insert the plastic splints into the opposite pocket. Ensure that the aluminum splint is angled down towards the brace for a proper fit. How to Put on and Adjust the Brace:   Insert your thumb through the thumb hole. Loop the fastening straps through the rings on the brace. Secure the fastening straps. Tighten the straps as necessary to adjust compression. Cleaning Instructions: Remove all splints Hand wash in cold water Air dry What's Included: Dual wrist brace 1 Removable aluminum splints 2 Removable plastic splints 60 day guarantee UPC: 818323029291 (Black); 810041982131 (Beige); 818323021585(Gray) Product Number:  SUP1069BGE (Beige); SUP1069BLK (Black); SUP1069GRY (Gray) Shipping Weight:3.2 ounces User Manual: Reversible Wrist Brace
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