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Shower Stool  Vive

Shower Stool Vive

SKU: LVA1007
SHOWER INDEPENDENTLY Great for seniors, those with balance issues, limited mobility or chronic fatigue, the shower stool provides safe seating for showering independently    COMPACT DESIGN Measuring 14” at the base, the portable shower stool easily fits in most bathtubs and showers    WIDE TEXTURED SEAT Lightly textured, the composite seat is 12.5” for a comfortable secure seat while showering    HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE Seat height can be adjusted between 13.7” to 20.7” for a safe, customized experience for every individual    NONSLIP ANGLED BASE Legs are capped with nonslip, anti-skid tips and are angled to provide greater stability and security    DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT STOOL Supporting up to 250 pounds, the frame is made with a corrosion-resistant aluminum for exceptional durability
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: Provides safe seating while showering independently Materials: Lightweight aluminum frame Textured composite seat Dimensions: Adjustable height: 13.7” to 20.7” Seat width: 12.5” Base width: 13” to 14” depending on height adjustments How To Assemble: Working on a flat surface, place the stool seat with the bottom facing you on the work surface. Starting with the leg frame with the concave surface on the underside, align the leg frame with the screw holes in the chair seat and fasten the outer holes with the hand knob screws and washers. Then, align the leg frame with the concave surface on the top surface with the remaining screw holes and secure the outer holes with the hand knob screws and washers. Attach the final hand screw knob and washer through the center hole, securing the entire frame in place. Adjust legs to the desired height by depressing the push pin and gently pulling the leg extension out. Care Instructions: Wipe down with a mild soap or disinfectant solution. What’s Included: Shower stool Lifetime guarantee UPC: 683405234050 Product Number: LVA1007 Shipping Weight: 5 lbs User Manual:  Shower Stool
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