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System One/M-Series Foam

System One/M-Series Foam

SKU: FGC12200 0000
Carex reusable CPAP filters are an affordable aftermarket solution for your CPAP machine supplies.ᅠThese reusable filters are compatible with the following Philips Respironics machines: System One, M-Series, and SleepEasy. It is recommended to clean your reusable filters at least once every two weeks to keep your CPAP air clean and your breathing easy. Purchase Carex CPAP filters today to stock up on all your CPAP supply needs.
Contains 6 reusable filters.ᅠOur reusable CPAP filters help filter out any unwanted contaminants to keep your CPAP safe, clean and working effectively.Easy to clean.ᅠThese CPAP disposable filters can be cleaned with warm and mildly soapy water. Cleaning the CPAP machine filters is quick and easy.An affordable Philips CPAP filter replacement.ᅠCarex CPAP machine filters are an affordable Philips filter replacement to keep your sleep therapy air clean and your breathing easy.
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