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TENS CELL Heavy Duty 9V Battery

TENS CELL Heavy Duty 9V Battery

SKU: TA9050-I
Our 9V Batteries are made of high-quality material for
consistent power and durability. They were specifically designed for TENS
units but can be used by other devices that require standard 9V batteries.
Specifically created for TENS units, which are
used for pain management and electrical muscle stimulation, but also work great
as household batteries. Can be used with smoke detectors, lamps, and
regular household appliancesEngineered for daily use; provides long-lasting power
before you must replace themWill guarantee consistent power output to get
the most out of your TENS deviceNo leakage, standardized sizing, and premium
packaging1/pack, 12/boxFor long-lasting, consistent power, purchase your TENS CELL Heavy Duty 9V Battery.
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