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TENS Skin Prep Wipes (6000/Case)

TENS Skin Prep Wipes (6000/Case)

SKU: LW7275
The TENS Skin Prep Wipes prepare the skin for electrode
therapy by removing dirt and skin oils to increase electrode adhesiveness and
effectiveness. They are also helpful in adhesive removal post-electrotherapy.
Cleans and disinfects skin pre-treatment to protect
the skin and prevent irritationIncreases electrode conductivity and extends
electrode life by preventing dirt and body oils from absorbing into the gelHelps aid in adhesive removal post-electrotherapySingle use; for external use only, not for open
wound or pre-injection prepQuantity: 60 boxes of 100 wipes per case; 6,000
total wipes
To best care for your skin when receiving electrotherapy, purchase the TENS Skin Prep Wipes.
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