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Therapy Putty Vive

SKU: RHB1009
HAND AND GRIP STRENGTHENING Great for rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy     ENGAGE EVERY HAND MUSCLE Squeeze, pinch, twist and stretch to improve coordination of fine motor skills     FOUR COLOR-CODED RESISTANCE LEVELS Allows for progressive therapy and strengthening     THREE OUNCE CONTAINERS Each container holds a generous three ounces of therapy putty     DURABLE COMPOSITION Designed for extensive use without drying out, graining or seeping     NON TOXIC AND ODORLESS Safe, odorless putty leaves no sticky residue behind
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: Increasing dexterity and grip strength Improving fine motor skills Rehabilitation following injury or surgery Physical and occupational therapy Materials: Non-toxic silicone Size: 3 ounces each: 12 ounces total What’s Included: Extra soft therapy putty- yellow Soft therapy putty- red Medium therapy putty- green Firm therapy putty- blue Instruction booklet with suggested exercises 60 day guarantee UPC: 028841241871 Product Number: RHB1009 Shipping Weight: 1 pound User Manual: 6 pc Therapy Putty
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