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Toe Spacers (8 Pack)  ViveSole

Toe Spacers (8 Pack) ViveSole

SKU: INS1015
TARGETED PAIN RELIEF Straightens and treats overlapping and crooked toes, bunions, nail issues, and soft corns    TOE REALIGNMENT Relieve pressure and ensure proper positioning for better mobility and comfort    DISCREET SOLUTION The streamlined spacers may be worn with or without socks and shoes    SET OF EIGHT REUSABLE SPACERS Fitting both large and small toes, includes enough spacers to accommodate both feet    MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE Soft and comfortable gel spacers feature a concave design for maximum support    ONE SIZE FITS ALL Anyone can wear these toe spacers for effective pain and pressure relief
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: For separating and cushioning your toes to relieve pain and reduce friction and pressure Treats many foot conditions including overlapping toes, bunions, calluses, nail issues, soft corns or crooked toes Instructions: Place large spacers between the three larger toes Place small spacers between the two smaller toes Dimensions: Large toe spacers: 30mm x 25mm Small toe spacers: 25mm x 20mm Materials: Silicone gel Color: Clear White Care and cleaning: Hand wash with mild detergent Do not machine wash Air dry What’s included: Four large white toe separators Four small clear toe separators 60 day guarantee UPC: 028841241826 Product Number: INS 1015 Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces
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