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Transfer Blanket Vive

TRANSFER, LIFT AND REPOSITION Minimizing the risk of injury to patients or caregivers, the transfer blanket assists in repositioning or transferring individuals safely     ASSIST FROM ANY ANGLE Handles are placed to allow for easy assistance at any angle     DURABLE NYLON CONSTRUCTION Featuring strong, reinforced stitching, the transfer blanket is made with a durable nylon material that safely supports up to 600 pounds    STRONG HANDLES Lightly padded for greater comfort, each of the handles are reinforced for added strength     WATERPROOF NON-SLIP EXTERIOR Water resistant, the blanket exterior is also non-slip for added security     MACHINE WASHABLE Easy to clean, the transfer blanket is machine washable
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: For safely transferring or repositioning a loved one or patient Dimensions: Standard size: 35” by 34” Large size: 77” by 38.5” Materials: Reinforced nylon fabric Warnings: Do not try to move a patient without proper training Review a patient’s care plan to ensure the patient should be moved Do not try to move a patient if the patient does not have the strength to roll over or stay on their side Make sure you have the proper equipment and assistance before starting to move a patient Care Instructions: Machine wash in cold water with a mild detergent Air dry completely before use Do not bleach What’s Included: Vive Transfer Blanket One year guarantee UPC: 818323024777 (Small); 818323024760 (Large) Product Number: MOB1022WHTS (Small); MOB1022WHTL (Large) Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces (Small); 2.6 pounds (Large)
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