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Triple Toe Splint  Vive Health

Triple Toe Splint Vive Health

STRAIGHTEN CROOKED TOES Separates and realigns crooked toes, hammer toes and overlapping toes to reduce painful pressure, friction and irritation     RELIEVES PAINFUL HAMMER TOES Gently lifts and straightens hammer toes to relieve painful pressure     TRIPLE ADJUSTABLE TOE LOOPS Soft triple loops easily adjusts to fit three adjacent toes up to 3.5” in circumference     CUSHIONING FOOT PAD Lined with a soft fabric, the triple toe splint features a cushioning foam layer to relieve pressure on the forefoot     USE FOR LEFT OR RIGHT FOOT For use any three adjacent toes on the left or right foot for promoting proper toe alignment     WEAR WITH ANY SHOES Trimmable for a more comfortable fit, the slim budin design easily slips in most shoe styles, with or without socks
  • Tech Specs

    Specifications Uses: Cushioned support for crooked toes, hammer toes, claw toes and overlapping toes Supports proper toe alignment to reduce pain, friction and irritation Dimensions: Length: 4.13” Width: 3.14” - 3.39” Thickness: 0.28” Adjustable toe strap 1”-3.5” Materials: Foam padding Fabric lining Latex-free elastic Note: It is recommended that the toe splints be worn for 2-3 hours a day during the first week of use and gradually increase to 5-6 hours per day thereafter. If the pain persists, stop using the toe splint and call your doctor Care Instructions: Hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent Rinse well with warm water Allow to air dry completely before use What’s Included: ViveSole Triple Toe Budin Splint - One pair 60 day guarantee UPC:  810041981073 Product Number: INS1028TRP Shipping Weight: 0.1 pounds
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